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About the service

Should I answer the call? This question can come into a mind of every person who sees an unknown calling number. Each of us had (or will have) the opportunity to face the s?unsolicited call, telemarketing campaign, advertisement or another kind of fraud call.

How should we find out that the calling number is harmless and to answer it will not cost us tens of minutes of precious time or significant amount of money? The purpose and meaning of this service is to give everybody who has met such call a chance to warn the others and report a number which acts as annoying or even harmful in some way. This community web offers everybody a chance to insert own statement for the respective phone number and also offers everybody to search any number and read the reviews of the other users for some number to find what category the number is out of :

  • Neutral number ? not decided yet if the number is harmful/scam or legitimate
  • Scam number ? answering this call will cost a precious time or money
  • Useful number ? there is no danger in answering this call

If the user has such information always accessible and in a readable way we would be able to limit or even stop the incorrect behavior from the side of unwanted marketing campaigns or companies trying to make a profit from unfair situations where the ?customer? (in this case we) can not protect ourselves adequately.

Let's fight together against the telephonic kind of harassment, let's share our knowledge and situations and most important, the ways how to protect.